Hydrant upper part H8370

We present our newly developed and patented H8370 hydrant top with intelligent 75 mm cap.

With the development of the new H8370 hydrant upper part, we have succeeded in responding to the needs of the customer and combining functionality and design.

The hydrant name H8370 speaks for itself because it was developed 100% in 8370 Sirnach. In addition, the hydrant upper part is produced, packaged and shipped in Sirnach and thus bears the SWISS MADE label.

The slim, weight-optimised design is available in four different colour versions. The hydrant is completely epoxy coated, has an additional weather-resistant polyester coating on the outside and has the GSK seal. Thanks to the Inox overcut technology, the hydrant has no bare casting points and, thanks to the complete coating, no corrosion-prone points.

The newly developed D-Cap from Hawle Armaturen AG - with digital components - connects your line network to your smartphone, computer or tablet. Hawle's D-Cap is equipped with an electronic sensor that automatically detects unauthorised water withdrawal and hydrant bypassing. In such a case, the responsible persons immediately receive an alarm notification with the exact location and a map section from Google Maps.

Further information can be found here.

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