Hydrant control maintenance and repair

The operational safety of the hydrants on the municipal territory has the highest priority. The hydrant in the supply network can be used by unauthorised persons and can therefore be operated and manipulated improperly. This situation increases the risk of a valve that is not ready for operation or difficult to operate in the event of a fire. But even water losses that have not been recorded should not be underestimated.

Annual control
An annual inspection helps to largely meet the requirements placed on the hydrant network and to have them under control. It has been shown that such annual inspections and the maintenance of the network cause a lot of effort and unforeseeable costs. Smaller municipalities in particular often postpone this work to "quieter times" due to a lack of personnel.  Here you can benefit from our range of services.

Clear budgeting
By taking stock of the hydrant network and recording any defects according to priorities, we provide a tool for cost control. This enables clear budgeting and the responsible authorities have no unpleasant surprises to expect.
On the basis of a detailed repair quotation, the well master or the body responsible for the hydrant network can decide which work can be carried out by themselves and which should be outsourced.

Professional service
We offer professional hydrant control maintenance in accordance with Hawle quality. Our service experts know the weak points in a hydrant network from many years of experience and can objectively suggest where a small inspection is appropriate and for which hydrants a more extensive renovation makes sense.

Sustainable remediation
With the revision cartridge, Hawle has a technique at its disposal with which old hydrants built after 1935 can be thoroughly and sustainably renovated. Radial sealing, fine adjustment, robust end stops and maintenance-free spindle bearings are just some of the advantages of this renovation.

Our field sales engineers will be happy to advise you on our hydrant control maintenance and repair services.

Detailaufnahme einer Revision eines Hydranten.Detailaufnahme einer Revision eines Hydranten.
Detailaufnahme einer Service-Revision eines Hydranten.Detailaufnahme einer Service-Revision eines Hydranten.
Aufnahme eines N100 Hydranten ARA.Aufnahme eines N100 Hydranten ARA.
Aufnahme eines Service-Fahrzeuges mit offenen Heck-Klappen, beladen mit Service-Werkzeugen für Wasserinstallationen.Aufnahme eines Service-Fahrzeuges mit offenen Heck-Klappen, beladen mit Service-Werkzeugen für Wasserinstallationen.
Bildaufnahme einer Reparaturschelle eines Hydranten, der gerade Wasser spendet.Bildaufnahme einer Reparaturschelle eines Hydranten, der gerade Wasser spendet.