Hawle Hydrants

Our various hydrant services

When it burns, every second counts. With our annual control, your hydrants, no matter which manufacturer, are always in good shape - and this is clearly budgetable.

Our services include: Cleaning of protective covers and valve housing covers, sealing caps, side and main valve spindles, flushing, performance measurement, leak test, inspection maintenance report, tracking in your database and a plan of measures tailored to your needs.


H8370 - Latest technology built into cap

With the development of the new H8370 hydrant upper part, we have succeeded in responding to the needs of the customer and combining functionality and design.

The hydrant does not only fit into urban regions, but also fits very well into the landscape in rural areas. In order to prevent corrosion on the upper part of the casting, the hydrant is made resistant with our well-known epoxy coating and the INOX overcut technology. The lacquering of the cross-linked polyester coating makes the hydrant resistant to UV rays and even more impact resistant. Due to the high added value in 8370 Sirnach we can call the hydrant top "SWISS MADE". The hydrant H8370 is available in the following basic colours: anthracite, red, dark blue and silver. Further RAL colours are available from a certain quantity.

Improvements have also been made to the connecting flange to the lower part and to the hydrant spindle. The flange holes were milled as slot holes, so that an optimal alignment is also possible, even if the lower part was not set 100% straight. The spindle can now be pulled out by loosening the spindle nut at the top of the hydrant. The service and replacement of the spindle is easier and faster than ever before. In addition, the H8370 upper part is compatible with all hydrant lower parts commonly used in Switzerland (from 1935).

Intelligent D-Cap

The newly developed D-Cap from Hawle Armaturen AG - with digital components - connects your line network to your smartphone, computer or tablet. Hawle's D-Cap is equipped with an electronic sensor that automatically detects unauthorised water withdrawal and hydrant bypassing. In such a case, the responsible persons immediately receive an alarm notification with the exact location and a map section from Google Maps.

Aufnahme eines blauen Hydranten mit Schild von Hawle Armaturen.Aufnahme eines blauen Hydranten mit Schild von Hawle Armaturen.
Bild von rotem Hydranten mit Feuerwehrmann, der vor einem Feuerwehrwagen steht und den Hydranten bedient und aufdreht.Bild von rotem Hydranten mit Feuerwehrmann, der vor einem Feuerwehrwagen steht und den Hydranten bedient und aufdreht.