Professional and efficient valve control maintenance

Shut-off valves are mainly installed in the water network as emergency valves and must function perfectly if necessary.

Responsibility of water suppliers

According to the SVGW guidelines for the quality monitoring of drinking water supply, the waterworks operator is jointly responsible for compliance with the legal requirements.
This also includes the responsibility for the faultless function and the quick location of the shut-off devices such as main line valves, house connection valves and butterfly valves. The work required for this is very time-consuming and there is noticeably less personnel available in the technical area of the utilities.

Here Hawle Armaturen AG offers you a professional solution.


Service in the digital age

With the new Hawle service vehicle we are even more mobile for you. In addition to the tractors which are in daily use for you, we have exclusively equipped a vehicle with a dashboard maintenance device. A real condition-oriented maintenance of fittings is thus possible:

  • Objective inspection by recording torque and gear number
  • Paperless, tamper-proof documentation of status data
  • Digital interface for import of valve master data and export of condition data
  • Optimization of the maintenance effort and the use of resources
  • Repair instead of replacement of valves

The drive is mounted on a swivel arm, which ensures optimum flexibility when aligned with the road cap. The measured values of the control are stored digitally on site so that the evaluation can be created and transmitted to the customer.

Scope of services (standard)

  • Gate valve control on the road and in the meadowland
  • Inspection and maintenance of shut-off devices in accordance with SVGW guidelines and manufacturer's specifications
  • Independent work according to plan
  • Opening the caps with suitable tools and visual inspection
  • Cleaning of the interior of the cap using a high-pressure cleaner and suction of the sludge
  • Inspection and repair of the installation fittings
  • Listening to the leakage noises before and after rotation
  • At least 3 times and complete opening and closing of all sliders. Goal: Torque below 60Nm
  • Replace key bar guide and rubber cover if necessary
  • Replacing missing cover pins with chrome steel pins
  • Greasing of street cap cover and support on request
  • Replacement of lids with glass fibre lids on request
  • Checking the slide information boards
  • Complete report and complete evaluation; inspection and maintenance of shut-off devices in accordance with SVGW guidelines and manufacturer's specifications in accordance with the planning documents provided.