Welding parts / Distribution batteries

Welded parts, Fittings

In addition to standard cast fittings, Hawle also offers custom-made welded parts. Since 2013, Hawle Armaturen AG has been certified as a specialist welding company in accordance with ISO 3834-2; the welding specialists have passed the procedure test in accordance with ISO 15614-1. Welded parts made of steel up to a length of 2000 mm are welded, blasted and coated at the Sirnach plant.

EWS coating

Fittings and castings are coated using the epoxy vortex sintering (EWS) process. This technology is still the most advanced coating process today. In this process, an epoxy powder is melted onto the hot casting. The result is a full-surface, closed layer with a minimum thickness of 250 μm. As a member of the Gütegemeinschaft Schwerer Korrosionsschutz (GSK), Hawle meets the very strict quality standards and adheres to the RAL-GZ 662 quality assurance.

Multiple advantages of the EWS coating:

  • The non-porous coating reliably protects against corrosion and incrustation.
  • No electrochemical voltage differences between different materials.
  • The surface is solvent-free and hygienically harmless. This does not affect drinking water quality in any way.
  • EWS-coated Hawle fittings are particularly robust and durable: this saves raw materials and production energy.
  • The eco-balance is favourable, as the components are only heated to 200 °C during the coating process.
  • Water utilities repeatedly confirm the long service life and trouble-free operation of Hawle fittings.
  • The high mechanical strength and chemical resistance guarantee the best quality.

Distribution batteries

In many places, the water distribution of hospitals, residential homes, industrial buildings, housing estates, etc. needs to be comprehensively renovated. Hawle has been manufacturing system solutions for water and gas suppliers for almost 50 years, but also implements distribution batteries from DN 50 with the highest technical standard for water distribution in large buildings, both for renovations and new buildings, with the same precision. With the distribution batteries produced in Sirnach, Hawle offers a perfect and precisely fitting installation, exactly according to customer requirements and space conditions - and all this with short response times and advantageous production costs. All Hawle distribution batteries are manufactured either as welded parts with EWS coating or in chrome steel. They are therefore absolutely corrosion-resistant, prevent the formation of a galvanic element and thus ensure the clean interruption of electrical flow - with a long-term guarantee.