History Hawle

Market proximity since 1948

What began in 1948 in Vöcklabruck, Austria, has now grown into a leading international manufacturer of gas and water valves.
The recipe for success of the founder Engelbert Hawle lay in the fact that he always designed his products "close to the grave".

The concerns of practitioners were listened to by him and translated into valves that soon enjoyed an excellent reputation.
Quality thinking, enthusiasm for solving problems and a strong commitment to good drinking water have remained the basis of Hawle's corporate philosophy to this day. Today, Hawle has production facilities throughout Europe and is involved in piping projects throughout the world.


Sales and production in Switzerland since 1969

Heinz Hawle, the founder's son, opened the Swiss market to the new product philosophy in 1969. The installers and water supply companies in Switzerland quickly recognised the qualities of Hawle valves at its time. When they were introduced in our country, the typical blue products were convincing because of their corrosion-resistant surface coating, which was outstanding at that time.

In order to comply with Swiss standards and local customs, Hawle products are partially manufactured in Sirnach. The ductile raw casting comes from our own foundry in Germany. Fine machining and equipment are carried out in Switzerland.