Professional regulating valve maintenance for safety in the pipeline network

Hawido regulating valves are of high quality workmanship and technically mature. This guarantees the reliability of your supply system. The valves must be serviced regularly in order to ensure trouble-free operation over many years.

Regular maintenance - guaranteed safety
The value-maintaining work ensures trouble-free operation and thus supply security for your customers with drinking water. Functional checks, including cleaning the filter sieves in the dirt trap and the fine filter in the control line, should be carried out once a year. Every four to six years the Hawido regulating valves must be overhauled. The main valve and the control valve are opened completely and all small parts - diaphragms as well as seals - are replaced. The interior of the valve must be visually inspected and cleaned. After the re-commissioning it takes over its task again for years.

Everything regulated - individual service contract
All these controls and maintenance can basically be carried out by you, our customers themselves. In order to support you in ensuring the safety of your supply network, we offer you an individual service contract tailored to your needs. Once all valves have been installed in your municipality, you decide for yourself to what extent the valves are to be serviced.

Competent team - optimal equipment
We have an experienced team. The service technicians will contact you at the agreed time and carry out the contractually agreed work for you professionally. With the optimally equipped service vehicles, the technicians are prepared for all eventualities. 

The team will also be at your side at all times between maintenance periods and will help you with any malfunctions.

Overview of our services:

  • Inspections and revisions of valves
  • Inspections and cleaning of dirt traps
  • Repairs of valves
  • Commissioning of the valves
  • Service contracts
  • Technical consulting
  • Planning consultation
  • Problem Analysis
  • Hydraulic analysis
  • 3D planning
  • Custom-made products
  • Assembly consulting