Foundation Sonnenhalde

The competence centre for people with severe multiple disabilities

The Sonnenhalde Foundation is open to all people, regardless of their social, ethnic, religious and political background. It is a centre of competence for people with severe multiple disabilities and includes residential, day care, leisure, work and therapy facilities. A relief group for children, young people and adults with severe multiple disabilities as well as protected jobs in domestic services for people with a less severe disability are part of this.

Hawle has supported the Sonnenhalde Foundation for several years. Here is an insight into the Hydrotherapy 2018 project of the Sonnenhalde Foundation in Münchwilen:

Statement of the Sonnenhalde Foundation:

Hydrotherapy is an important and valuable therapy for people with severe multiple impairments.

Physiotherapeutic applications in the warm therapeutic bath are an incredible benefit for the residents of the Sonnenhalde Foundation.

We would like to thank Hawle very much for their valuable support.