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Slide control Zurich Airport 2023


Where the world comes together, Hawle Armaturen provides for valve control.

Zurich Airport is one of the most important air traffic hubs in Europe, serving millions of passengers every year.

For smooth and safe flight operations, it requires precise control and regulation of the water flow on the airport premises.

This concerns not only the supply of water to the aircraft, but also the fire extinguishing systems, the sanitary facilities and the irrigation of the greenery on the airport grounds.

Professional gate valve control maintenance is of great importance for water suppliers, as gate valves in the water network must always function properly.

According to the SVGW guidelines, the responsibility for compliance with legal requirements lies with the waterworks operator.

Hawle Armaturen AG offers a solution in the digital age with a specially equipped service vehicle.

This vehicle enables condition-based maintenance of valves, including objective inspections, paperless documentation, repair instead of replacement and optimised use of resources.

The service includes gate inspections, cleaning, repair, gate opening and closing, and comprehensive reporting.
This improves the efficiency of the gate valves and supports water suppliers in their responsibility for the drinking water supply.

You can find more information about our service here

A big thanks to Airport Zurich AG for the trust they have given in our service technicians. 

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